When All Else Fails

No matter how many links I put on this site, I’m never going to cover it all. Maybe you have a busted antique gun, an old popcorn popper, or a bucket of marbles that’s just taking up space in your house. Try the following:

Freecycle. This worldwide organization boasts hundreds of local chapters where the frugal and environmentally minded give stuff away for free. The only rules are: the item must be totally free, no strings attached!

A similar alternative is the free section under “for sale” on craigslist. It too has dozens of local sites throughout the U.S. and Canada. They also have a barter section, if you want to try trading your sheet metal for a radio-controlled boat, or what have you.

If you’re a business wanting to donate stuff, you can use Excess Access, which matches up the donations of businesses to the needs of non-profits for a small fee. Although they tend to get office furniture and household goods, they seem pretty open to weirder possibilities.

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