Veggie Oil, Used

With the rise in popularity of biodiesel vehicles, you might be able to find a driver near you who can turn your kitchen waste into fuel. I advertised my used oil in the free section of craigslist after I fried up some falafel and got some guy to take it from me. Give it a try in your area if you’ve got some stored up. If you’re a restaurant with a substantial ongoing supply of “yellow grease,” contact the Alternative Fuel Foundation and make some money off it, why don’t ya?

Make sure the oil isn’t mixed with water and is stored in a plastic container with a cover. Check Vegetable Oil Recycle to see what the options are in your area.

For individual donations:

Arizona, Tucson: Grecycle

Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui: Several locations

North Carolina, Raleigh: Curbside Recycling If you have a minimum of half a gallon of grease, the town will pick it up for you.










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