Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Donate your unwanted tools to the West Philly Tool Library.

Not a Philadelphia local? See if you’re near one of the other tool libraries in the U.S. While you’re at it, why not join one? Sharing is environmentally friendly, don’t you know.

Most Habitat for Humanity chapters will take your old tools, like this one in Sonoma County, California. Search for the one near you by zip code.

New York, New York: Habitat for Humanity lists the tools it seeks.

Southampton, United Kingdom: Tools for Self Reliance sends used tools to Africa.

Are your tools too worn out to pass on? You can usually sell them for scrap metal. I contacted the good people at C & M Metals here in L.A. and they informed me that they will pay eight to ten cents per pound for steel, which, I was further informed (because I had to ask), is what most tools are made of. 1709 E. 24th Street, one block west of Alameda.

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