Thrift Store Review: Cherry Picked Thrift Shop, Santa Monica

I don’t know how I have missed this thrift store for the six years it’s been open, but my personal observational failings are not the subject of this post. This is merely to alert you that the Cherry Picked Thrift Store near Pico and 28th in Santa Monica is an incredibly well-run and tidy place to shop, clearly a result of the loving attention of the manager and their committed staff of volunteers. They have a relatively small inventory, but everything there is clean and super well-organized. They also offer free coffee (though they won’t let you drink it in the store, but merely allow you to take it to go, which struck me as odd.) Overall rating: B+

What to buy:

1. Christmas Sweaters. Whether you are in the like-it-sincerely or like-it-ironically camp, you can wow everyone at your holiday gathering/office Christmas party/bad Christmas sweater event with a choice offering from this store. This appears to be a line they’ve created in-house, and they do not hold back from letting their decorating flair run rampant. They were priced between $20 and $35.

2. Christmas decorations and wrapping. Holiday decorations are a great thing to get used, since they’re rarely worn out, and it’s hard for them to really look dated. (Unless they’re really vintage, and that’s appealing in a different way.) All the inventory here is well-sorted and fairly priced. Ribbon was typically around fifty cents.

3. Kids clothes, including underwear. I can understand how you might be reluctant to purchased used underwear for your kids, but the baskets of kids stuff are so lovingly arranged you might change your mind if you saw them — and they’re only fifty cents.

4. Wall hangings. I saw some super cute vintage pieces of art/crafts up on the wall ranging from $5 – $20. If anything, I think they’re underpriced.

I see people raving about their clothes on Yelp, but I wasn’t personally that wowed by the selection. I saw prices from $5 and up, but there was a 50% off sale while I was there, so now’s a great time to have at it.

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