Suits and Professional Wear

For women:

Whether you’re a businesswoman who constantly updates her wardrobe or a former corporate drone who’s scorned her professional wear in favor of jeans and t-shirts, you may have some perfectly usable suits kicking around. You can donate those to women who are looking for a job through Dress for Success. They have numerous locations throughout the world and are accepting interview appropriate skirt and pantsuits, blouses, blazers and professional shoes. They are particularly in need of larger size suits.

California (northern), multiple locationsWardrobe for Opportunity

Massachusetts, MaldenTailored for Success

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Suited for Success

Washington, D.C.Suited for Change

Taking both women’s and men’s professional clothes:

For men:

Multiple Locations:  Career Gear

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  1. Heather says:

    Also check out local shelters and employment agencies.. Donating expensive work attire can go a long way for your community!

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