A word about styrofoam: it is not your friend. It is NO ONE’s friend. There is currently no way to recycle styrofoam, and the styrofoam that exists now will be around much longer than anyone of us will.

If you do happen to have some styrofoam in peanut form you can donate it to a Mail Boxes Etc. or similar operation for reuse. You can also call the Plastic Loose Fill Peanuts Hotline at 1-800-828-2214. The line automatically recites options close to you based on your phone number. You can also visit their Web site.

Styrofoam in blocks and other forms is non-recyclable and unwanted by everyone.

I strongly urge you to avoid purchasing and using styrofoam. Crumpled up newspaper works well for packing and is easy to recycle and reuse. If you do need something more styrofoam-like, there are substitutes made out of corn starch that are more earth-friendly.

Some additional options for peanuts are below. Check for your area, and don’t forget to call first!

San Luis Obispo, CA

Salem, Oregon

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