School Supplies

California, MalibuSchools on Wheels
I used to volunteer for this place that connects tutors with homeless kids. They can always use backpacks, 3-hole looseleaf paper, pencils and pens. They often only take new items. Check their wish lists carefully. When in doubt, ask.

California, Oakland: The East Bay Depot for Creative Use

California, San JoseResource Area for Teachers

Colorado, DenverDenver Public Schools They’re looking for computers and audio/visual supplies, too.

New York, BuffaloInternational Institute accepts paper and notebooks for its refugees.

New York, Long Island: Long Island Cares

New York, Long Island City: Friends of Materials for the Arts accepts art supplies.

North Carolina, Charlotte: Classroom Central

Ohio, DaytonCrayons to Classrooms They’ll take used stuff.

Oregon, PortlandSchoolhouse Supplies

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