Saturday Roundup

I was pretty psyched to find a feature in the LA Times that tells you whether specific items are recyclable or not, and breaks it down by city. I was specifically interested in padded envelopes, and it’s not looking good. I think the very fact that whether or not you can recycle chopsticks, wooden or plastic, varies so widely even in L.A. County shows how much effort it takes to recycle responsibly. I do hope this process becomes more streamlined since almost no one is going to take the time to research which bin every item goes into.

Some environmentally-minded people in New Orleans are looking to get people to recycle the 25 million pounds of plastic beads that make their way to that city each year during Mardi Gras. But apparently New Orleans has a long way to go to even embrace curbside recycling in a big way. Let’s hope it pans out!

Some hunter and climate change denier guy is prepared to give you a fancy gun if you can convince him that climate change is happening. Attention, small subset of human who are environmentalists and gun enthusiasts. Get on that!

And some woman in Florida burned down a 3,500 hundred year old cypress tree while smoking meth inside it. It’s such a famous tree it has a name and I’ve heard of it: The Senator. She even took photos of it burning down and showed them around, which is what ultimately got her nabbed. Not exactly a victory for humanity.

Have a great weekend!

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