Printer Cartridges

Some companies, like Hewlett Packard, recycle their printer cartridges directly. Each printer cartridge comes with a UPS label for easy return. If you can’t find yours, go to their site.

Another option is to collect your cartridges and donate them to a local school running a drive. If you’re looking for a drive near you, or want to set up one, check here.

You can also drop off your cartridges at most Staples stores and get $2 in Staples rewards.

Note that it is now possible to get your printer cartridges refilled at places like Costco, though printer makers like (who make a lot of money selling those cartridges) claim the quality will go down markedly, and use of third-party cartridges often invalidates the warranty on your printer. Many people swear by this method, however, and it is significantly cheaper.

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  1. CTEC says:

    Ink Cartridges where the head is part of the cartridge can be rather easily filled with refill kits and yes the customer save a significant amount on their printing costs. In some cases up to 70% savings. Being in the printer industry for 18 years I have not seen many cartridges that damaged a machine. Only one in fact and that was a toner cartridge. Refilling of toner cartridges should be left to professionals as there is a lot that can go wrong and taking shortcuts can lead to bad printing quality. What I am worried about is that a lot of ink cartridges that customers refill themselves will still end up on the landfills as it is easier to just dump it in a trash-bin when you can’t use it anymore. So we urge customers to use the different avenues to safely dispose of their cartridges.

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