Offensive Objects

Sometimes you acquire an object that is politically or socially offensive through inheritance or other means that you don’t know what to do with. It’s understandable that your first impulse might be to destroy say, a vintage statue depicting a harsh stereotype of an African-American. However, these off-putting objects have historical and social value, and I urge you to consider an appropriate donation instead.

The Jim Crow Museum in Michigan displays racist objects and images from earlier times through the present (with some unfortunate overtly racist Barack Obama t-shirts and the like thrown in) and is actively seeking relevant donations. They have objects depicted by specific racial stereotypes and also signs and objects that indicate racial segregation (such as ‘white only’ signs). They have over 9,000 objects and are free and open to the public, so visit if you’re nearby!

If you have anti-semitic objects laying around, particularly related to the Holocaust (or the period just before) you might want to contact The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. They don’t specifically ask for donations, but it’s worth a try.

Also, consider a local museum if you have something of general interest, as they are often hard up for appropriate donations.





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