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Medical Equipment:

California, Santa BarbaraDirect Relief International. They can’t take medical products from individuals because of California Pharmacy law.

Georgia, DecaturMedShare. They work with clinics, distributors and individuals.

Massachusetts, BrocktonAmerican Medical Resources Foundation, Inc.
They send stuff off to developing countries.

Multiple Locations: Operation Giving Back Many opportunities for donating equipment and supplies to be handed off to developing nations.


Prescription and non-prescription drugs need to be properly disposed of, but can’t generally be donated.

**National: Dispose My Meds – type in your zip code and it will return a locator near you.

California, Sonoma and Mendocino counties: various

Minnesota, Hennepin County: Police stations

New Jersey:  police stations

Washington state: various

It also looks like CVS is gearing up with disposal locations to be passed through local police. I will update you as soon as I hear anything.

You can also bring them, along with your worn-out batteries and old electronics, to your next hazardous waste event.


  1. Peter Egan says:

    We donate directly to Easter Seals of Louisiana. Typically, they’ll tell us what they need and we usually have something that’s been in-stock longer-than-is-ideal. Even if we don’t, we’ll usually get it for them at no cost to them, or if it’s really expensive, at cost at the very most.

    These are some great resources, and I’m going to link to this page from our company blog as we often get inquiries about where to donate medical equipment from a relative who no longer needs it for whatever reason.

  2. Chuck Spicer says:

    Snow Hill United Methodist Church: We are collecting walkers, potty seats, crutches, and wheel chairs (all equipment in good condition) to be loaned to individuals in northern Stokes County, NC. Distribution to be handled by Advance Home Health Care. Any equipment donated that we will not be able to be used will be forwarded to the Eastern Stokes Outreach Mission or Goodwill.

  3. Peter Egan says:

    I still have 15 or so rolling walkers I’m willing to donate to any church, charitable organization or individual who lacks the financial means to buy one. Email me at if interested.

  4. Lisa Simpson says:

    I have a child size Slecially made for my daughter) mobile wheel chair would like to donate or you may be able to use and recycle some of the parts. Would like it to go ASAP. P,ease let me know, thank you

  5. Lisa simpson says:

    Child size mobile chair donate or can be used for parts

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