Locks of Love controversy

A recent report from Nonprofit investor indicates there is some question about how well Locks of Love handles their hair donations, which are intended to be made into hairpieces for children that suffer from medical-related hair loss. Some of these donations are, doubtless, legitimately unusable, as they are too short, too grey, or otherwise compromised. However, it does seem clear that they are not very well-run at the very least, given that they claim they don’t even catalog the number of donations they receive, the number of wigs they make, or the hair they resell.

Here are some alternative organizations that will accept your hair:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Wigs for Kids

Children With Hair Loss

Wigs for Kids

The hair generally has to be at least ten inches long, clean and dry, and free of chemical processing — each organization lists its specific requirements. As always, I encourage anyone donating any product to consider also throwing in a cash donation to pay for the processing of the physical one.



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