I remember a former co-worker of mine talking about how he would go to a nursing home on Christmas and play popular songs from the early part of the 20th century for residents, and how incredible the response was, even from people with serious dementia. That’s why I know the Music & Memory organization is really on to something.

You can donate any Ipod in good, working condition to Music & Memory (they even provide a handy form you can print out), which  creates personalized play lists for the elderly and infirm. They need chargers, too! They will happily wipe all the data off your existing ipod for you. I’m sure that wouldn’t be necessary for me, of course, since any 80-year-old would be thrilled by the Dandy Warhols and poker podcasts on my old nano.

The thought of this program makes me so happy, it makes me want to bust out some Cole Porter right now.



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