Goodwill’s E-Waste Dropoff Service

Goodwill_ewasteGoodwill has gotten some pretty bad press lately for things like paying its disabled employees far below minimum wage, a legal practice as per section 14C of the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of their status as an e-waste dropoff location. They accept computers, phones, and small appliances as well as printer and ink cartridges, empty or full. Here’s the complete list of items they accept. If your items have value, they’ll refurbish and resell the items. Check for a location near you.

While I strongly advise you to erase your hard drives before donating, Goodwill does clean all data as per Department of Defense standards, and all their technicians go through background checks, presumably so they’re less likely to get into any privacy-violating monkey business. Officially, though, they will not accept liability for your data.

I  dropped off my Evo Shift phone and some printer cartridges earlier in the week, and today, after a conversation with a Goodwill employee, returned with my busted toaster, electric toothbrush, and old sink hardware. At least at my location, in Santa Monica, California, they are pretty loose about what they’ll take, since they ship everything to their corporate location to deal with.

You can do some shopping while you’re there!


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