Good News Thursday

Do you compulsively change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles? It turns out you don’t have to and California has launched a campaign to wise people up. A typical newish car only requires an oil change every 7,500 or 10,000 miles — check this site  to look up the recommendations for your car, or just look at the manual, which I know is in your glove box under a non-working flashlight, an inkless pen, and a crumpled-up map of the city which you haven’t looked at since you got your GPS. Changing your oil less frequently is good for the environment and your fiscal bottom line! So in case I didn’t get you a gift this year, that’s it, baby!

I am also super pleased to let you Angelenos know that light rail is on the way to our fair city. Phase 2 of the project, which was approved in 2010, means the line will be extended from Culver City to the beach. Boiling this down to a more Nancy-centric interpretation, that means I may eventually be able to take light rail on my daily commute. I look forward to it!

Google is always looking for ways to use green energy to run their business, and has taken the recent step of investing $94 million in large-scale solar plants.  I really appreciate that Google is forward-thinking in this way, and sees these investments as not only socially responsible but good business. I hope this will inspire other corporations to go this same route.


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