Bassarisk_fur_coatFur: it’s awkward to own. While many take the hard line that wearing fur is wrong in all instances, I maintain it is no more a luxury than eating red meat, so if you live in Alaska or Siberia or somewhere equally cold, I kind of get it. (As the owner of a pet chinchilla and a person who hasn’t eaten red meat since the eighties, though, I’m pretty unsympathetic to wearing fur for purely fashion-based reasons.)

What do you do with your unwanted fur? There are a few options outside of donating it to standard clothing donation spots. If you’d like to make a political statement, you can give it to PETA for one of their anti-fur demonstrations. Or you can wait for Buffalo Exchange’s annual Coats for Cubs program, in which they collect fur apparel and donate it to various animal rehabilitation centers to use as bedding. If you have fur coats or hats you would like to donate outside of their drive period, they provide a list of rehab centers to contact.

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