Friday Roundup

The New York Times warns us about chemicals which disrupt the endiocrine system and how the FDA has dropped the ball on protecting us against them. These chemicals, ubiquitous in canned food, plastic packaging, and ATM receipts, are linked to reproductive problems in humans and animals.

I ran across this series of photos of various families around the world showing all their worldly possessions. It’s interesting to see people live with so few things compared to this country.

My local gas provider, Southern California Gas Company, offers incentives for homeowners who make energy improvements to their (single family detached) homes. Your local provider might do the same!

In six days the city council of L.A. will vote on whether to ban single-use plastic bags. These bans are the only thing that’s proven effective in getting people to stop using them, and, I’m sure you know, they’re deadly for local marine life and create a massive amount of pointless waste.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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