Dishes, Broken and Intact

Whenever I chip or break a beautiful old dish it just kills me. The waste! The agony! However, I recently realized that people far craftier than me will take beautiful broken and chipped dishes (and sometimes unbroken dishes, which they then break themselves! Yeesh!) and make beautiful mosaics out of them.

If you are the crafty type, you can make lots of nice things like something to put in your garden, or what have you.

If you are not feeling so crafty, consider making donations to anyone who conducts a mosaic class near you.

For dishes that are usable and intact, I urge you to donate them to your local thrift store so that people can use them as they were originally intended. There are plenty of damaged pieces to go around. Leave the good stuff for people who need it!

If you must donate perfectly good china and dishware to be broken, at least type the maker name into ebay and see what comes up. If, in your haste to destroy, you wreck a valuable Shelley teacup or a Limoges plate, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m going to start a list below of individual mosaic artists who have told me they are interested in broken/chipped/intact dish donation:

Colorado, Denver:

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