A woman named LuAnn in Wayzata, Minnesota accepts used crayons to recycle into Crazy Crayons through her fabulous Crayon Recycling Program. These festive objects come in 26 colors, multiple designs and themes, and work like regular crayons.

Not everyone considers that the humble child’s crayon is a petroleum product and does not quickly biodegrade, taking up much-needed landfill space. LuAnn has, and her program has collected over 16,000 pounds of crayons since its inception in 1993.

If you happen to work in a restaurant that gives out crayons to kids to draw with during the meal and then chucks them (Like Denny’s Applebee’s, etc.), why no save ’em up and send LuAnn a big box? Or stop by your local establishment and spread the word about this great program. I know she’d appreciate it.

*Wait until you save up a bunch of crayons to send. You can save on shipping costs and wasteful packaging.
*Please use recycled packaging when you send them! You don’t want to create one landfill problem when trying to solve another.
*Collecting crayons is a great task for kids you’d like to introduce the concept of recycling to. Consider having a crayon drive for a school or youth oriented project.
*Encourage the use of crayons that are a bit worn down. Maximizing the use of existing crayons is just as important as recycling them.
*Please leave the wrappers ON!

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