Climate Change — Still A Problem

The U.N.s World Meteorological Organization reported today that the past decade is tied for the hottest on record, and reiterates that science proves unequivocally that the world is warming, and that the warming is the result of human activities. The International Energy Agency (IAE) warns that the world has five years to avoid serious climate change and extreme weather events. In short, we’re almost “locked in” for a 2 degree Celsius (3.6 degree Fahrenheit) increase, and after that it’s going to get ugly. “One wonders how many more worrying figures the world needs,” commented Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s climate commissioner. Indeed.

There are a few hopeful signs that some people are taking this seriously. Here in California, our governor recently signed a law requiring that 33% of our energy be from renewable sources by 2020, which U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu called a model for the nation. Unfortunately, we are still driving our fossil-fueled cars around like idiots, but in L.A., at least, public transportation is not a viable option for everyone. As a westsider, I keep hoping for the Subway by the Sea to kick in, but I can’t even find an inaccurate figure on when it’s going to be completed.

If any of the presidential candidates who claim that global warming isn’t really happening, doesn’t really matter, or requires more investigation before action is taken actually gets elected, it’s going to be really bad news for us all.

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