Christmas Trees

Nothing is quite as depressing as a dead, sad looking Christmas tree at the start of the new year — except one that then takes up space in a landfill. Many people are under the impression that because trees are natural they break down conveniently and rejoin the earth. Sadly, this is not true.

The National Christmas Tree Association used to provide info on this, but since you can get this information fairly easily at from your local recycling program, they don’t do it anymore. Your city or town likely has a day to collect your discarded trees, if you don’t already have a green recycling container to place it in, and they will hopefully have a second life as mulch. If you are in southern California, you can drop it off at the Gentle Barn, where barn animals will cheerfully eat it.

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  1. janet says:


    gentle barn takes christmas trees to feed the inmates (if you want to update/add them to this section)…

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