Bicycles and Bike Parts

Most organizations that collect bikes are either (a) youth programs, often for at-risk kids or (b) export bikes to the developing world, where they are a crucial for transportation of people and goods. What types and conditions of bikes are accepted varies widely, but since they’ll almost certainly have to put some work into getting whatever you give them up and running, seriously consider giving them at least ten or twenty bucks to smooth the way.

If you don’t have a bike but love the idea of providing someone with one, consider (a) giving money to any of the places listed below or (b) donating to Wheels4Life, which buys bikes in the targeted country to give away. This is way more efficient than packing up our used ones and shipping them off thousands of miles away, and supports the local economy to boot.

Nationwide: General Directory of Youth Bike Programs

California, Mountain View: Bicycle Exchange

California, San Francisco: Pedal Revolution

Chicago, Illinois: Working Bikes Cooperative

Minnesota, Minneapolis: Re-Cycle 

New Jersey, High Bridge: Pedals for Progress

Oregon, Portland: Community Cycling Center

Washington, DC: Bikes for the World

Also, I have to list these guys, because of the novelty factor:

Marquette, Michigan: Bike Furniture Design They make furniture out of bicycle parts, and accept some recycled bike parts!










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