Articles from June 2015

Eating It Up: Surplus Food in Massachusetts, plus new paint dropoff options

Broccoli_SoupNPR did a great story on Daily Table, a grocery store that has opened in my home state of Massachusetts which offers great deals on surplus food. I am thrilled about this organization, which was founded by former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch, who was appalled by all the food waste (up to 40%) in the United States, much of it edible, but slightly less attractive than what was deemed appropriate for for-profit grocery stores. They sell super cheap groceries (tuna for 55 cents a can!) and prepared food for the masses, who are literally eating it up.

I also keep hearing ads on the radio for Paint Care, a non-profit set up by the ACA (American Coatings Association) which provides drop-off locations for unused paint. I’ve always gone to my local Hazardous Material dropoff event for this in the past, which has not always been convenient. More options for those who need them!