Articles from April 2012

Friday Roundup — Save the Bees!

The entire island nation of Kiribati is looking to find a new home because of rising sea levels attributed to global warming. And remember that story a few years back that honeybees were dying off, and no one knew why? Well, it’s still happening, and it looks like the culprit is a a group of pesticides — neonics — which are used on genetically-engineered corn, and believe you me, there is a lot of genetically-engineered corn out there. The poor things are dying off at a rate of 30% a year! And considering they’re responsible for pollinating about 70 crops, it’s not just their problem, it’s ours, too. If you’re concerned, you can sign a petition to get Bayer to stop selling the pesticides. I just did!

In awesome thrift store news, this lucky fellow bought a Picasso print in a thrift store for fourteen bucks and it turned out to be an original numbered and signed print, worth around $6,000!